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5 Great Places to Meet Older Women

Every time you see woman out in public doing what ever she’s doing, I promise you she’s aware of your presence. And on top of that; she wants you to notice her. As a matter of fact, she wants to be talked to, and guess what guys, she wouldn’t turn down a compliment. Okay so you have decided that once you get to these places to meet older women, you must have something in mind to say. I am sure everything will come natural.

I do not care what you look like. The point is she wants you to talk to her; she aches for this very moment. Do not be shy, be confident, be yourself. I promise you she is out there; she would not even be out of the house unless she didn’t want to be talked to and possibly asked out. These are the best places to meet older women:

places to meet older women
The grocery store is a great place as well!

She can be found at an afternoon outdoor event such as a Farmers’ Market, Art walk, or Concert in the Park. Keep your eyes peeled on the Social section of the local newspaper.

The Grocery Store is such a cliché, it’s got to have some validity, I suppose.
A walk around the local park in your town in the evenings or the early mornings will surely turn up some fine older women getting their exercise.

Try out
Try out

Make an appointment to get your hair done, or your neck shaved; fine single women are often at the salon.
There is one more place, even if you do not attend yourself, but church is a great place to meet single women or at least a place to hear about who might be doing what since those people sure can gossip. If that doesn’t work, check out the local gym, of course. Or hopefully, there is a college around the area and you can take a course appealing to you.

Online, works great. Then just ask her out on a date, to the movies and dinner, or the drive in and ice cream afterwards.

Sundays, you can find a woman easily at the yard sales, she will be the one all be herself, no man to accompany her, then you could slide in and ask her if she wants to follow you to the next great sale you just passed on your way there. It is a catchy line because she won’t want to miss a great sale and you know where it is. Her following you can‘t harm her since she doesn’t know you, and she can turn away anytime she wants to. Put yourself in her shoes sometimes, and then you will know just what to say, and probably even the places to meet older women. Just try to put yourself in her shoes for a second. Now, close your eyes and picture your surroundings. Where are you? Okay, open them, now go there.

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