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Cougar dating site reviews with chart comparison tables of costs of membership, features, and amount of members for all cougar dating sites. As an opinion sharing consumer oriented  site we try to stay out of the editorial side of thing to a large degree and let you decide  based on the facts and what others are saying.

What we do
What we do

About the Author:


About the auhor

Who I am

My name is Jason and I am a entertainment blogger. The truth is I thoroughly enjoy both writing about various online dating topics and researching online dating sites. I started  my first blog nearly a decade ago and then started writing regularly about 5 years ago. It’s loads of fun for me knowing you can help people meet for fun, friendship and more plus considering; the amount of shady dating sites out there these  days I like to think I save people allot of wasted money, frustration and hassle!


What I do

Typically in the evening time , after my real job is a wrap I brew my hot cup of Folgers and dig into the wild world of cougar dating sites! Whether it is writing about related topics, advice columns, or just updating older reviews I steadfastly find out the latest details on the cougar dating site scene and report  back here.

It is grueling hard work but somebody has to do it! 🙂 -Jason


How long I have done it for

I’ve been an entertainment blogger for over 5 years as a hobby now.


Why I do it

The online dating realm is a fun area to blog about IMO. It’s exciting, fast moving, and I think fun for everyone involved!


cougar dating sites reviews format

  • We look at cougar dating sites membership size
  • We look at cougar dating sites membership costs
  • and we look at cougar dating sites reviews  left by others. This is how we rank cougar dating sites.

Looking for someone more specific to just younger men and older women? Give CougarLife a try.

 Do you have questions? Don’t hesitate to use the contact form. I do get back to all serious inquiries!

Jason @ dating website review dot net

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