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Know your Cougar dating lingo… (Cougar, Puma, or Jaguar?!)

Puma: The women in her late twenties already chasing younger guys! :-)

Funny cougar dating lingo. Are you a Puma, Jaguar, or Cougar?

You gotta love the internet. Along with random memes there is now even lingo among younger men for dating older women. The modern folklore is as follows as far as cougar dating lingo.

The Jaguar – Once you pass the stage of being a cougar or once you lose all sex appeal the theory is that you fall into this category. You’re on the hunt for a pool boy and picking up the tab as well as springing for gifts just to make sure you capture the hottest young guys. Eh it’s 2014, celebrate the good times ladies….but your officially a Jaguar now, not a cougar!

The Puma – The future cougar is a 20 something fox on her way to becoming a cougar since all she dates is those fresh college guys! She’s already trolling cougar dating sites looking for fresh meat. She’s flamboyant and has all the hottest brands and gear to relate to her 19 teen year old flavor of the week!

The Cougar – She’s your proven mid-30′s hunter always passing her number out to the hottest young hunk at the party, YES wherever she is, she will either give you those hunter eyes or slip you her card with that sexy wink! Their are of course stages of the cougar, which stage are you at?Puma: The women in her late  twenties already chasing younger guys!  :-)

So at we honestly don’t put much stock in these silly little names for older women who date younger men. Let’s face it, men have been age gap dating for a thousand-years. Just be aware that these are the silly terms that college guys throw around about dating older women.

Have fun, be safe and make sure to bookmark this site for the next time you are looking to meet older women of younger men. We review all the top cougar dating site and share the total amount of members, support information, and total costs so that you can make a more informed decision.

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