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Online dating advice for men, 3 things you can do to get women to reply more often!

create the idea of something obtainable that is desired. REALLY It'S THAT SIMPLE

Online dating advice for men

create the idea  of something obtainable that is desired. REALLY It'S THAT SIMPLE
create the idea of something obtainable that is desired. REALLY It’S THAT SIMPLE

 3 super simple things you can to get women to reply more often

1. Hi, Hey, or a HELLO?

A simple “Hello” with a woman’s name in an email will get her attention more times instead of “Hey”. People feel warmth and sincerity when their names are used in an email. It just makes for a more personal exchange, which can be warm and very effective. Direct and forward is what people look for while sifting through their emails. Confidence is alluring and by using their name when responding to an online dating profile shows confidence and self-assurance.

2.  Add something unique and different in your dating profile!

Something unusual and unexpected in an online profile is going to spark interest and curiosity. It makes foe surprising small talk and the right person is going to feel a connection through the experience shared online. They may have wanted to have that same experience in life or maybe they are planning on having that experience in the future and want to hear about your expertise in particular to that event. In many ways, people are attracted to characteristics the other person has because it is the opposite of their own personal qualities. “Opposites Attract,” is the old saying. This could be why people enjoy a bit of a debate on issues. A challenge in a friendly tone can often spark a fun way for a person to defend themselves. It is kind of like a child-like way of flirting. Men are attracted to women who have this quality down to a science. Child-like ways such as when a woman stomps her feel and shakes her curls in protest or in a debate are particularly adorable to men. Men with firm beliefs and ideas can be quite studly, just the same.

 3. Don’t seem too needy! 

Unless a woman wants to meet you this instant, as a rule of thumb, don’t seem too needy. A man becomes instantly more attractive to a woman when he waits for her to reply first. The trick is to have an engaging interesting profile. There is no exact science since a woman is like the seventh wonder of the world, there is no quick cur all formula answer that work for all women. But there are guidelines to follow to keep on the right track. Limit yourself to two emails contacting her. By keeping your intentions direct you may get a response only if they’re sincere, warm and direct. But be careful not to leave yourself too open as if you had no life. Even if you have nothing going on at the moment, be sure not to seem too eager. Ever seen Natural Born Killers?

In the movie, Juliette Lewis kills the gas station attendant because he was too *ucking eager. Okay so perhaps that’s a bizarre and extreme example. Nevertheless, an entertaining one!

MY POINT? Breathing heavily, climbing all over her almost like he’s never been with a woman before. She unloaded her pistol into his head. So hold back a little, a keep her guessing. Playing hard to get always works. Women want what they can’t have.

But, be sure to give her something to want in the first place.  Regardless of whether you want to meet older women with online dating or younger women the same concepts apply.

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