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Why older women are dating younger men, now more than ever!

Why older women are dating younger men

Have you ever wondered why older women are dating younger men in roves these days? Well, we have! So without any real way to know for sure here is our silly philosophy…

Older women are not being left behind when it comes to the matters of love and dating in the age gap dept. but why? Why are so many women looking for younger men? Hmm.. After browsing through numerous articles on this topic here is what seemed to be agreed on by most.

Older women just want to feel younger and they want to feel appreciated. Evidently dating young men gives them this kind of satisfaction. They want to feel the energy they seem to be missing in their lives, the kind of energy that they feel they can only get by dating younger men.

Evidently, they also believe in the nugget of wisdom that says that men and women get to their sexual primes at different times.

In her column in the San Francisco Chronicles, Jane Ganahl talks of a woman who told her that she experienced a renewal of energy and extreme thrill when she was dating a twenty seven year old man. This is the kind of experience that women are looking for when they go for men who are young enough to be called their sons or even to some, grandsons.

A young man who is in his early phase of life and career can be a thrill to date! He is full of energy and has no baggage from failed attempts at life and he has no regrets of things having not worked out in life like one would get in a middle aged man. He is not jaded by failure or losses and ready to just retire to a mundane life. Older women feel attracted to younger men for all these reasons. They also feel dating younger men leads to less worry and that is less apt to drag them down emotionally. 

In relationships where couples are of the same age, men tend to dominate everything, they call all the shots. (Or so many women seem to have been lead to believe) With women being emancipated, the balance of power is shifting, they want to call the shots in a relationship, and younger men they see that as more easy to obtain. So there you have it, at leas that’s what the experts have to say on why more and more older women are dating younger men these days!

Are you looking to meet an older woman? …Or a younger man?

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